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About software

About School Management Software

Empowering educational institutions with streamlined operations, our school management software revolutionizes administrative processes. Seamlessly managing student information, attendance, and communication channels, our solution simplifies complexities inherent in school management. Our software's adaptability allows for tailored configurations, ensuring alignment with diverse school needs and workflows. With paramount emphasis on data security, our software safeguards sensitive information, offering peace of mind to schools and parents alike. Supported by comprehensive training and dedicated assistance, schools confidently navigate software implementation and optimization.

One stop solution for your school

school’s administrative tasks and academic processes

Academic Management

Streamline curriculum planning, assessment, and student progress tracking with our intuitive solutions, empowering educators.

Admission Management

Simplify enrollment from application to acceptance with our intuitive software, ensuring efficiency for applicants and staff alike.

Fee Management

Automate fee collection, tracking, and invoicing with our intuitive software, enhancing transparency and efficiency for schools & parents.

Staff Management

Streamline school admin tasks, boost staff productivity with our software for managing schedules, attendance, and payroll.

Transportation Management

Optimize school transportation with our software, ensuring safe and efficient routing, tracking, and management of vehicles and routes.

Dashboard Overview

School Software overview

Experience seamless school management with our intuitive software, designed to streamline administrative tasks and enhance productivity. From attendance tracking to fee management, our comprehensive solution empowers educators and administrators to focus on what matters most: student success.

Software Benefits


Software business growing with InfoMatix web Solutions


Accessible interface designed for ease of use across all user levels.

Insightful Reports

Gain valuable insights with detailed and easy-to-understand reports.

data security

Advanced encryption techniques ensure the utmost protection of sensitive data.


Efficiently manages multiple users with role-based access controls.


Scales effortlessly to suit the evolving needs of educational institutions, from small schools to large districts.


Scales effortlessly to suit the evolving needs of educational institutions, from small schools to large districts.

Cost savings

Drives long-term cost savings by streamlining administrative processes & reducing manual labor.

Software features

Software Features

Boost Your Institution's Potential with Our Wide Array of Software Features.

Student Infomation

Store and manage student profiles, personal details and more.


Simplify communication with messaging, announcements, alerts.

Asset Management

Optimize school asset management for efficiency and maintenance.

Staff Management

Manage staff profiles, track attendance, leave, and performance.

Parent Portal

Give parents secure access to student info and more for increased involvement."

Flexible Dashboards

Role-based Dashboards for Efficient Task Management.

Case Study

Case Study

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"Our client absolutely loves the school management software! They say it's super easy to use and has made their life a whole lot easier. It's helped them stay organized, communicate better with everyone involved, and get things done faster. They're really happy with it!"


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